Thursday, June 25, 2009

June Garden Update

We have been really enjoying the garden. So far we have harvested 5.25 pounds of food, not included in that are a few handfuls of cherry tomato's that seem to have a hard time making it into the house. At least I know who the culprit is and I am guilty as charged.

The watermelons are just unbelievable, this is our first time growing any sort of melon and it has just been so much fun to watch them grow.

Our corn will be harvested this weekend. We may have to have a BBQ to celebrate the occasion. The only disappointment is I should have done another planting or two, spaced two weeks apart to keep us in corn all summer. Oh well there is always next year.

Sailors flower cutting garden is looking so beautiful and it just makes you smile when you walk through the house and see flowers everywhere. Our neighbors across the street were so happy to see the first sunflower before heading back to their full time home. I think by 4Th of July we will have many sunflowers.

We have been getting a ton of cucumbers and I am hoping to make our first batch of pickles weekend. We have never canned before so this will be a new adventure for us.

The big excitement as of late was the pumpkin patch which got set up last week and is already in a pumpkin race. Hopefully we will have enough for us and some friends as well.

We have had one main problem and it is the squash and the stem burrowers who are inhabiting them. You can try to save your plants by cutting a slit in the stem and removing the worm and then covering with soil, one of the first signs is yellow wilting leaves. I have tossed a few squash plants that were to for gone to save. I am hopping to get one more planted this weekend to make up for it.

We do have one slow producer, our summer beans. They are growing very small beans that seem to not want to grow any bigger. I keep trying to remind myself it is only June. Last week I called my mom, also know as the master gardener, worried about my watermelons. They had slowed down in growth. She gently reminded me it is JUNE and some people have barely gotten seedlings in.

I think my neighbors worry my garden will die of stage fright. I can just stand out there and stare all day. So I am making a resolution to sit back, relax and enjoy a little.


erika said...

i am in love with your garden. cristiana reminded me she is in love with your pink house. she said she would love to see a picture of sailor in front of the house (i don't think she believes it's yours, lol).

kitty said...

I can't wait for my garden to be as bountiful as yours.Great work.