Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Garden Update

Well everything is growing, though we do have some out of control summer squash. We have yet to plant the corn, though I plan on getting that done this weekend. My only big disappointments so far is the flowers which some little critter keeps eating the seedlings of and the strawberries. Who knew flower seedlings were so yummy. Our garden at this house is at the end of the yard due to most of our yard being shaded. I am a BIG believer in keeping your garden very close to your house, I think you are much more likely to keep up with it, if it is right out your door. One of the draw backs of it being so removed from the house is that all the little animals have no fear of going and stealing our strawberries. Next year I will have to put the strawberry container right next to the house and maybe we will actually get to eat some.

We have tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash almost ready to be picked.

So here it is in all of it's late spring glory. Sailor has been doing a GREAT job tending to her pumpkin plants.

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erika said...

looks beautiful!