Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Big Move

As many of you know we just moved to North Carolina from Texas. Moving is apart of our life, the hubby is in the Coast Guard, and to be honest we really enjoy it. I am sure to most people the idea of packing up and saying goodbye every 2-3 years would be too much. Don't get me wrong it is hard, especially this last move where we had to bid farewell to way to many amazing friends. But we have found their are many perks to always being on the move.

1) We tend not to accumulate to much "stuff", though books don't count. It is impossible to accumulate too many books.

2) We have seen places we would never have seen if we had just stayed put. I think I cried for hours when Chris told me we were transferring to Texas but I cried even more 2 years later when it was time to say goodbye to Texas.

3) The people. I am just so thankful for all our friends now spread across the US.

4) The chance of a new beginning. A new year resolution of sorts. The opportunity to leave things behind and begin afresh.

5) A sense of home within ourselves. We have really learned that home truly is where the heart is.

So here it is; our new home...

***On the map we are just south of Wilmington. The Cape Fear river is just down the street!

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erika said...

i just love this post. & i am a bit jealous.

oh & my bro was born in fayetteville. if i remember correctly, my mom worked at cape fear valley medical hospital.