Thursday, May 7, 2009


So before we even left Texas I sat down with the hubby to discuss the LIST. It was my dream list; everything I wanted in our new home to be. This would be the first time in 4 years that we wouldn't be living in a subdivision and under the constant watch of the Home Owners Association which can make it hard when you are trying to live a more self sustainable life. I mean how do you teach your kids that hanging your clothes out to dry can make the earth a more beautiful place if your HOA rules don't want clothes lines because they are ugly and could bring down home values. I have personally never seen an ugly clothesline.

So here it is:

1) Large Garden

2) Clothes Line

3) Chicken Coop & Chickens

It is pretty short but does involve a good amount of manual labor by the hubby but he agreed. I don't know if we were drinking or it was just the overwhelming guilt trip my friends had put him on for taking me and the kids off to a far away place. Either way he said yes and the amazing hubby that he is we have been in our new home 19 days and he has done a lot.

Garden-Raised Beds Built and veggies and flowers planted

Clothes Line- Up and Drying Clothes...Though ten minutes after this picture was taken I had to run outside and rescue the clothes from a thunderstorm!

Chicken Coop- Still in Progress

*I must add he also did a ton of much needed work on the house, painted, unpacked most of the boxes and took the kids to the park (I think everyday). I know what you are thinking but he is not for sale, he's a keeper.


Kelly said...

Sam, I am so glad you have a blog! Can't wait to read about all your adventures. Love the garden, clothesline, and especially the chicken coop. The new neighbors brought us over a big bag of your tomatoes yesterday--so we are still benefiting from your yummy garden even though you are far away!

erika said...

a blog? where have i been?! you have to tell me these things!!

& i have to say it again, i just love your house!