Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh How I LOVE Amazon

Okay I know there are a LOT of great small bookstores out there that my money would benefit better but I have two kids and limited time so Amazon it is. I will admit here that I am one of those people with a huge Amazon wish list. Now I hate the feeling of needing something but books don't count and for that matter plants and seeds don't either. So my Mother's Day present came two days late but it was well worth the wait. Here are the contents of the box...

The Unschooling Unmanual looks to be just what I was looking for; a book I can turn to flip open and get inspired to let my kids live and learn as they would like. A reminder of sorts for me to put down and step away from the workbooks, they are only 4 & 2 and I am sure there is much more to learn outside.

I have gotten to flip through The Backyard Homestead and it really does have it all, gardening, canning, small livestock and much more. I think it will be perfect for someone like me who is looking to create a homestead in their own yard even if it is in the middle of a subdivision.

The Garden Primer is one I have been wanting for a while as it is considered by many to be the gardening Bible. It is said to be full of info and yet very down to basics at the same time.

You can find the links to these and others on my; Book's I've Pulled of the Bookshelf List to the right.

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Kelly said...

I am writing down the Backyard Homestead to add to my list of books I need to read. I have been meaning to check out the Artisan Bread book as well, but haven't gotten around to it yet...I did, however, make my first batch of homemade whole wheat rolls a few weeks ago. Very satisfying, I can see how it can get addicting!!