Monday, June 15, 2009

For the Love of Trucks

When we were pregnant with our second and found out we were having a boy we got the usual lines; "life will be so different", "welcome to the world of monsters and trucks" and I thought no they can't be that different they are still both my children. I was wrong. Hudson was different from the start but now that he is two he is soo different, he is one of the boys.

I mean the other night he sanded a table that Chris and him were working on. Yes it was a power sander and yes my husband lets him operate power tools as long he is supervising. But then it started to rain and as Chris packed everything up. I could hear Hudson screaming, he was so devastated. That is until daddy gave him permission to go outside in the pouring rain to play in the mud.

Here is the table that they built together.

*I am painting it to match a pair of chairs we got, but you will hear more about that later.

During all this building Sailor was collecting wildflowers. She than used some masking tape so she could arrange some small bouquets for her dolls.

But nothing compares to last week when Hudson held us hostage outside for hours at a time to watch the house across the street get demolished by a back hoe. Sailor and I tried to be patient sitting with him reading together and otherwise keeping ourselves busy and he sat in amazement. It was like he was sitting in a movie theater watching the best movie he has ever seen.

All I could think about were the doors, windows, sinks, toilets and others items that were never taken out before the crushing began. We are lucky and have a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store just down the road. That entire house now lies in our local land fill. It would have been nice to know that at least some of it found it's way to someone. That a mom like me could have been looking out one of those windows watching her children play and that the money she paid for that donated window could have gone toward a home for someone who needs one.

I just wonder, I mean I have met the owners of that now gone home and they seem like nice people. Did they not know that was an option, did they not care, did they think it was just inconvenient, what??? An entire house now just rubble I just hope with all my heart that the small little cottage that sat on the big corner lot surrounded by grass and trees is not replaced by some giant home. That would make me sad beyond words.


Anonymous said...

Such a boy, you know when John was little he wanted to "be" a backhoe, not drive one, be one.


Kelly said...

Look how big Hudson is getting! He looks so tall, even though he is sitting down in that picture!