Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We were daddyless this Father's Day but did get to speak to him on the phone. This is one of the major down sides to being a military family; not always being a family together. In the words of Hudson, "Daddy missy me". When Chris left this week for a month long dry dock he hugged and kissed the kids and then headed out to the truck. As we heard his engine turn on Sailor burst into tears and said; "see mom I miss him already". Now nothing can brake my heart more than my kids upset because once again they have to spend a good amount of time with out their dad. An amazing daddy he is. So here is to Chris; we miss you much and you are the most amazing father to our children, we LOVE you.

We would like to say Thank You to all the military dads out there that are away from their families right now. We are forever grateful for your service. We hope and pray you will be home with them soon.


Dayna Martin said...

OMG! The picture of your husband and child sleeping together is just awesome! We have always co-slept. In fact, none of our kids have ever used a crib. They are now 10,7,4 and 18 months and we still all love our fmaily bed.
Just wanted to let you know how wonderful that picture is. You will always treasure it. I would get it blown up!
~Peace & Love, Dayna

erika said...

i just love this one. happy father's day chris!

Justin said...

YOu guys look great! I cant believe the little family you two have created! I believe Sailor was only a few months old when I last saw her! She looks soo much like mom! Miss and love you both. Hope to reunite soon. God Bless


Sam said...

The picture of Chris and Hudson sleeping was featured in Mothering Magazine in their co-sleeping article.