Friday, July 3, 2009

Chicken Tricks

Marge and Ruby and much bigger now and are really enjoying their free range status. Maybe a little too much as far as my husband is concerned. They were suppose to stay in the back yard but have now let themselves into the side entry where they enjoy our porch steps, both on and under. This is usually where Whiskey, our 85lb American Bulldog, hangs out and I think they like her company.

Our porch is screened in but the door screen is broken and whiskey has turned this into her "dogie door". There is a dog bed up on the porch so she can enjoy some shade and a breeze. All the while keeping an eye on the comings and goings of our street.

Well I think the chickens were a tad jealous and who wouldn't be. So one day the kids and I were heading out the door and there they were, all 3 of them enjoying the porch! I ran inside for the camera but by the time I got back they had all gone their separate ways.

I did however a few days later catch Ruby using the now "dogie/chicken door"

Chris insists that this chicken madness has to end. To think I had been worried about how the dog and chickens would get along, I had never considered the husband chicken relationship!

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