Monday, July 20, 2009

July Garden Update

Last time I did a garden update we had harvested 5.25 pounds of food, we are now up to 43.9 pounds!!! Thanks to some big juicy watermelons, some delicious cantaloupes and the amazing corn we ate for 3 days straight. We are still getting handfuls of tomato's and more cucumbers than we can keep up with.

Every time a sunflowers blooms it seems to be bigger than the last. They are about the size of Sailor's head as you can see.

The bees seem to enjoy them more than any of us. They are always there covered in pollen.

Our second planting of corn seems to be doing well. We will definitely be doing three Garden Patch Grow boxes of corn next year if this planting goes as well as our first one.

We have a few more watermelons on the vine almost ready to be picked, we also have 1 cantaloupe left. The best part is when I went out to weed and clean up the garden the other day I noticed 4 new baby watermelons starting to grow on new vines growing off the main stems. So it looks like we will get more watermelons come August, the kids could not be happier. Which surprises me seeing as they may turn into watermelons any day now but I guess you can't ever get tired of eating watermelons.

Here is our harvest from yesterday. The peppers have already been grilled and eaten and most of the tomato's went into a salad for lunch. I just love those pear tomato's. This was the only watermelon that grew in a kinda funky shape, all our others where pretty perfectly shaped, it looks like a gourd to me but still tasted delicious. The cucumber has to be sent to a neighbors house before I start seeing cucumbers in my dreams.

The only sad gardening news to report is the pumpkins, which were doing so well just a week or so ago. Well now they have some sort of blight or mildew that seems to be killing them off. I am still going to be hopeful though, I will just be so sad if we don't get any pumpkins. I also pulled our all our bush bean plants, I was sick of watching them suck up water with no beans in sight.


Anonymous said...

You're garden looks great. Our garden is suffering from a severe lack of rain. We are watering it but it isn't the same. Love the photo fo your daughter and the sunflower, so cute.

Kelly said...

I am so glad to see your garden update! I am living vicariously through you this summer. We decided to wait until fall to do our garden since I was going to be traveling and the heat would probably kill everything anyway...but your harvest looks amazing! Yum!