Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunflowers & Pumkins

Well the sunflowers did make a grand appearance like fireworks for the 4Th of July. We even have a new raised bed of them to make sure that we are in sunflowers through the fall.

Here is my favorite, it is also currently our tallest. We have yet to measure it but it is taller than me and I am pretty tall.

The pumpkins vines are growing like crazy, I am glad that I separated them from the rest of the garden. With any luck and some good pumpkin weather we will be picking our own from the front yard this year. Hopefully with enough to spare for friends and neighbors.

As far as the rest of the garden; we are still swimming in tomato's and cucumbers. We got some decent peppers though a little on the small size. We are also being overrun by herbs, so if you are local will you please come pick some. We have 3 more watermelons ready to be picked and a few cantaloupes a few days away from perfection. My dad is in town and we are hopping to smuggle a cantaloupe to my mom via his plane ride back next week. The best news; a second planting of corn is starting to grow like crazy, so we should get in one more good harvest.

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