Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big Changes

I have know this was coming for a little while now, the hubby enjoyed becoming best friends with denial. The house we are currently living in is being foreclosed on. So we are moving on and yes for those of you who remember it was just this Spring we moved in, 5 months ago. I knew it was going to happen, someone had come to the house and had asked us if we were renters and did we have a lease. There were also two drive by's of a car who paused briefly enough for a picture of the front of the house. That combined by the fact that we live in a town hard hit by the economy I knew it was just around the corner.

So what did I do, start looking and altering plans. I looked for a new home for our chickens and a new home for us. I also didn't put in a fall garden, scared that all my hard work would go to waste. Well the front yard looks bare and sad with no garden and the backyard is quite. We found a great couple that took Marge and Ruby even though they turned out to be Mark and Robert. That's right roosters, I had no idea. They didn't fight, got along great with Whiskey, didn't crow and let me pet them and pick them up. I guessed we would have figured it out. It turns out the couple who came to get them knew exactly where we had gotten them, a farmer now known for selling all roosters as sex link hens. He had actually sold them their first birds, 23 of them in total to bad 22 were roosters!!!! They were so kind to take them one for them and one for a neighbor. We found a great family who needed a coop, I told the hubby he should start a side business as a chicken coop builder, he said he was going to pass.

We were so lucky to find a house that had just been put up for rent that is exactly what we need. We will now be living down in Oak Island where the hubby works. I will miss this little town of Southport and our amazing neighbors. We loved being able to walk around everyday. On the other hand we will now be a LOT closer to the beach, as in walking distance so that will be nice. The hubby signs the new lease today and we move in soon, two weeks.

I know there are a lot of families going through something very similar and it is just so sad. You end up loosing so much, there are programs out there. Cash for Keys is one of them, unfortunately you have to wait until you are forced out by the bank to really get any help. For us that wasn't an option, we weren't going to wait until the bank said get out and then rush to see if we could find a place to live just so we could get reimbursed for some of our losses.

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