Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Right now is all about waiting and practicing being patient. We are due with baby number three and I guess we all thought he or she would be with us by now. We should have known better, I think as a whole we as a society somehow think that making a baby is somehow comparable to a factory assembly line. We have some sort of expectation that a baby should grow in a certain amount of time. Why we would think that of a living thing I do not know. I could plant a row of seeds and there are always a few that show up early, some in the middle and a few stragglers but in the end they all grow up to young little plants. Though knowing all this to be true has not made waiting any easier. Especially considering all the false starts this baby has given us. The tub has already been filled and drained our doula has been called multiple times to just let her know we were having some good contractions. So for now we will continue to wait and stare at the little diapers, shirts and socks in the drawer all washed and ready.

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