Monday, September 28, 2009


For those of you check in, sorry for the long absence. This pregnancy has been a bit more challenging than my other two. I am usually one of those lucky pregnant women who hit the second trimester and feel amazing. By now I am usually driving the hubby crazy with all my cleaning, organizing and project lists. But this time around I am lucky if I get some food on the table for everyone twice a day. The good news is each day I seem to feel a little better than the last.

We are managing to get our homeschool/unschooling life organized. We got a bunch of new art supplies, we have been good about making frequent trips to the library and following Sailor's request we are holding school at home. We have been following the Oak Meadow Kindergarten program. She also loves to do show and tell and have recess but I will be back with more on all of that later this week.

For now thank you for being patient as our Summer here ran a little long.


Kelly said...

Yay, glad to see you back : )

erika said...

yay, glad to see you back!!! we almost did oak meadow too until i found something dirt cheap and doable, lol! anyway, sorry you're not as energetic, i so can relate! i think it has something to do with having other kids to take care of?? at least that's what everyone says.